The joys of bathroom reading - Part Two

I just know that you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for a second installment of weird and wonderful words with which to impress your friends, so here goes. I couldn't resist. (Brownie points to those who already knew these words, and yes, I am spending far too much time reading this bathroom book.)

Franch: To eat greedily

Rhotacism: Excessive use of the letter "R"

Wamfle: To walk around with flapping clothes

Charientism: A veiled insult

Moll-buzzer: A thief whose specialty is robbing women

Mubblefubble: Mental depression

Writing your memoirs

I have edited several memoirs over the years, and the trap that many writers fall into, time and time again, is writing from the perspective of hindsight. Interspersed in the story of their childhoods are insights that have been learned over the course of decades. Your aim should be to transport readers to a different time and place in your life. If you inject into your writing information that you could only have learned as you became older and wiser, you are cheating your readers. You need to erase from your database all nuggets of wisdom, and, as hard as this may be, write from the perspective of THEN, and not NOW.