The joys of bathroom reading - Part Two

I just know that you have all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for a second installment of weird and wonderful words with which to impress your friends, so here goes. I couldn't resist. (Brownie points to those who already knew these words, and yes, I am spending far too much time reading this bathroom book.)

Franch: To eat greedily

Rhotacism: Excessive use of the letter "R"

Wamfle: To walk around with flapping clothes

Charientism: A veiled insult

Moll-buzzer: A thief whose specialty is robbing women

Mubblefubble: Mental depression


17 years ago

I read "Uncle John plunges through history again". Fascinating historical facts.

Larry Finkel

17 years ago

just needed you to know that your entry about the word "wamfle" tickled me. this had been one of my favorite words for 30 years. oxford says, "to go about with flapping garments". enjoy your day.