Bribery - works like a charm

It's amazing what we endure to keep both our parents and children happy. My mother-in-law sent the girls sailor dresses for Pesach, and while on the phone to her just a couple of weeks ago, I made her an offer which as soon as it left my mouth I instantly wished I could retract. "You know what, mom? "I'll get the girls to put on their dresses before chag [festival] begins, and will take a picture of them to send it to you." (Note to self: never make offers that involve cameras and children under the age of four. [I'm an optimist by nature. Who knows, maybe the kids will be more cooperative when they get older?])

Well, Pesach in Israel is a seven-day affair, and I told myself that there would be plenty of opportunities for me to fulfill my promise to my mother-in-law. As the final day of Pesach approached, I realized that time was not on our side. Just half an hour before we welcomed in the second days of the chag, I forced the girls into their dresses with promises of a Ferrari for Eliana when she turns sixteen (her dream is "to get bigger, drive a car, wear my earrings, and have babies" - all in that order) and a bottle of milk for Tzofia (my little one loves to hit the bottle - on average, we buy at least 10 bags of milk a week).

Well, folks, Eliana may have been temporarily lulled by the promises of a car, but by the time Josh got her into the garden, as you can see, she was not a happy bunny. Can you blame her? I would cry if someone put me in that outfit (Eliana is the crying child on the right).


At that point, it was time to bring out the big guns. There's only one thing Eliana loves more than the idea of driving a car - and that is candy. So even though she has consumed far more treats in this last week of Passover than is probably recommended for an entire year, we acquiesced, and promised her yet another "treat." I know, shoddy parenting.


Well, you can't argue with the results!


17 years ago

sorelle - i love those girls!!!! and natan is drooling over tzofi!!!!