Future history

Funky title for a blog, no? Well, it's my husband's blog, so head on over there and check it out. He wrote here on this site a month ago with a guest post that was, in my opinion, hysterical if not a little heretical. The title was "God is a mob boss."

I know I am probably not the most impartial person in the world, but I always love reading his writing because he writes exactly how he speaks. And if you were to listen to him speak, you would realize why that is  so amazing. Anyway, enough blarney. I guess that's what happens when your father is an Irishman.


17 years ago

Heretic or not, he is hysterical. BTW, the other day I was on your blog and Natan came up (wanted to go to Postman Pat's website) and saw your pic, pointed, and said, "Sorelle, Sorelle."

You're famous!


17 years ago

Aw, bless! I should put up pics of Eliana and Tzofia, and see what he says!

Btw, I don't know if you know about this site, but starfall.com is really amazing for teaching kids the alphabet. Eliana loves it.