“Americans Eat Fewer Vegetables” – no kidding, sherlock

We normally get to the States once a year, and although I used to be a self-confessed shopaholic who admittedly spent her entire wages in those glorious single days on buying clothes from Zara, what really gets me excited nowadays when we travel to the US is not the prospect of H&M and Banana Republic, but rather THE FOOD.

I don’t buy into the promises that scream out in large bold letters from the packaging – no-fat, no cholesterol, no trans-fatty acids – you only need to look at the obese people wheeling around the even more obese people in wheelchairs in Disney World to realize that there is something essentially flawed about eating zero fat snacks all day long.

That being said, hailing from England where the choice of Kosher products was painfully slim, and ending up in Israel where low-fat snacks are hardly in abundance, I feel like Alice in Wonderland each time we find ourselves in ShopRite. The aisles are so wide that you could bring your entire extended family along for a shopping trip – uncles, aunts, cousins twice removed – and you could still stand side-by-side. The choice of food is just mind-blowing. I really don’t know how the average shopping trip in the US can last any less than 3 hours. I don’t. When I go food shopping, it is a totally new and alien cultural experience. It feels almost futuristic.

The only thing I really miss about Israel, and find myself hankering for, when I am in the States is decent vegetables. The vegetables are SO tasteless that I am surprised that they are not automatically sold together with salad dressing as a package. It is no surprise, therefore, that according to this article, “fruit consumption amongst Americans is holding steady, but that vegetable consumption is heading down, even if you include French Fries.”

Gee, I wonder why.

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part-time buddha

14 years ago

I admire the vegetarians over here for precisely that reason.


14 years ago

Exactly! I would imagine that you would have to be pretty resolute to withstand the vegetables in your country.

part-time buddha

14 years ago

We do, especially when the celery is armed with a few kamikaze cucumbers and the water chestnuts get really angry. And let me say that there is nothing more frightening than finding a head of romaine waiting outside your door.

It’s a tough battle, but the tomatoes are on our side.