Goodnight moon - total lunar eclipse on Purim

You will have to excuse me if this post lacks coherency. It is 1 am, and I have just come in from the garden where my husband and I were sitting with a shot of whiskey and binoculars, as we witnessed a total lunar eclipse. It was the most strikingly beautiful sight in the world. Just now the earth's shadow covered the moon, and I couldn't think of a more fitting time for this to occur than on Purim night when G-d's face was concealed. This world is filled with so many miracles and wonders if you only look for them.

Goodnight and Happy Purim.


17 years ago

Yowza! Now that musta been a sight to behold.

Freilichen Purim, and thanks for leaving that comment at my digs the other day.

Very cool beans, sista.


17 years ago

Happy Purim to you!

It was truly amazing - I have seen a solar eclipse before, but the lunar eclipse was awesome. It was totally orange. Definitely worth only getting four hours sleep for!